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Building for Rent


The 521HUB Business Park consists of two office buildings, with a surface area of almost 22,000 sq m.

One of the buildings is nearly fully occupied, with some space still available , while the whole of the second building, named 521HUB, is available for rent.

This building is perfect for a company requiring a surface area of 11,000 sq m for their headquarters, occupying half of the building, or for a company that needs the whole building, i.e. 22,000 sq m.

The building for rent consists of two units and two stairways, which are completely symmetrical but independent in many ways. The lobby of the building has a spacious and distinctive reception area which makes it unique for a multi-occupancy building for rent like 521HUB. The reception area can also be shared, for example, in the case of two companies occupying half of the building each. Each unit has its own entrance and access control to the independent space, its own elevator hall and stairs, etc. which makes life very easy for two different companies occupying the building.

In terms of supplies the two units are also quite independent. Each unit has its own electrical room, telecommunications room, HVAC equipment, etc although water meters and plumbing and drainage systems room are shared by the whole building.

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